The Links, Incorporated | The Links Incorporated, Augusta (GA) Chapter Officers
The Links, Incorporated is an international, not-for-profit corporation, established in 1946. It is one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer service organizations.
The Links, Augusta, Georgia, linked in friendship, volunteer, volunteer service organization, not-for-profit corporation, African-Americans
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The Links Incorporated, Augusta (GA) Chapter

2019-2021 OFFICERS

President Yolanda F. Copeland
Vice President of Membership Cheryl Evans Jones
Vice President of Programs Natalie Ferguson
Financial Secretary Nanette Barnes
Treasurer Judy Heath
Recording Secretary Angela Martin
Corresponding Secretary Dorothy Gandy

Augusta (GA) Chapter Presidents

Sybil Carter 1957-1961
Marjorie Carter 1961-1965
Wilhelmina White 1965-1967
Mattie Belle Braxton 1967-1969
Margaret Barrington 1969-1971
Louise Laney 1971-1973

Anne Brown 1973-1975
Willarena Williams 1975-1979
Rosa Hinton 1979-1981
Helena Thompson 1981-1983
Judith Ruffin 1983-1985
Judy Carter 1985-1989

Robetta McKenzie 1989-1991
Carlette Franklin 1991-1993
Louise Rice 1993-1995
Willarena Williams 1995-1997
Ann Allen 1997-1999
Audrey Thomas 1999-2001

Rosalyn Floyd 2001-2003
Nancy Barnes 2003-2005
Ann N. Johnson 2005-2009
Miriam Atkins 2009-2011
Beverly Tarver 2011-2015
DeMetrice Allen 2015-2019
Yolanda F. Copeland 2019-present