The Links, Incorporated | The Links Incorporated, Augusta (GA) Chapter Officers
The Links, Incorporated is an international, not-for-profit corporation, established in 1946. It is one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer service organizations.
The Links, Augusta, Georgia, linked in friendship, volunteer, volunteer service organization, not-for-profit corporation, African-Americans
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The Links Incorporated, Augusta (GA) Chapter

2021-2023 OFFICERS

President – Yolanda F. Copeland

Vice President of Membership – Cheryl Evans Jones

Vice President of Programs – Natalie Ferguson

Financial Secretary – Alicia Elam

Treasurer – Alexcia Delley

Recording Secretary – Velvet Perry

Corresponding Secretary – Dorothy Gandy

Parliamentarian – Donna Pickett

Augusta (GA) Chapter Presidents

Sybil Carter 1957-1961
Marjorie Carter 1961-1965
Wilhelmina White 1965-1967
Mattie Belle Braxton 1967-1969
Margaret Barrington 1969-1971
Louise Laney 1971-1973

Anne Brown 1973-1975
Willarena Williams 1975-1979
Rosa Hinton 1979-1981
Helena Thompson 1981-1983
Judith Ruffin 1983-1985
Judy Carter 1985-1989

Robetta McKenzie 1989-1991
Carlette Franklin 1991-1993
Louise Rice 1993-1995
Willarena Williams 1995-1997
Ann Allen 1997-1999
Audrey Thomas 1999-2001

Rosalyn Floyd 2001-2003
Nancy Barnes 2003-2005
Ann N. Johnson 2005-2009
Miriam Atkins 2009-2011
Beverly Tarver 2011-2015
DeMetrice Allen 2015-2019
Yolanda F. Copeland 2019-present