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The Links, Incorporated is a volunteer service organization of concerned, committed, and talented women who, linked in friendship, enhance the quality of life in the larger community. The organization is concerned primarily with enriching sustaining and ensuring the identities, culture and economic survival of African-Americans and persons of African descent.
The Links, Incorporated, Augusta, Georgia, linked in friendship, volunteer
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Emerald Alert Information for Website

Emerald Alert:  Empowering Single Mothers

YTD Activities



Single mothers met with the Emerald Alert committee to become acquainted with the proposed program.  Its purpose was to set the foundation for establishing a relationship between the Links and the mothers.  A brief overview/history of the organization was presented.  Afterwards, the mothers introduced themselves and explained why they felt the program would be beneficial to them.



Facet chairs met with the mothers to explain how they would involve them in the five facets. Mothers were excited to know that they will have hands-on experiences in working with the arts, youth, health events, national, and international events. This was the second opportunity for mothers and Links to build relationships.



Two presentations were provided for the mothers. The focus areas were health and wealth. Links presented: Empowerment Through Health Awareness and Empowerment Through Financial Planning. Mothers took active parts in discussing and providing personal scenarios. The bond between the Links and mothers grew stronger from this meeting.



Three mothers presented at the December meeting. Presentations were:

          • Facing Challenges Through Faith
          • Facing Challenges Through Determination
          • Facing Challenges Through Aspirations

Through these presentations, mothers were able to take notes on how their lives can be changed and how they can grow from experiences from themselves, their peers and the Links.

Coming Up


Kick-off reception and brunch for single mothers

January 11 , 11:00 A.M.


A fun day with the Links and single mothers—food, entertainment, fellowship and more!!